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Wooden steak markers, easily show how your steak has been cooked...
Ex Tax: €10.88
Strong plastic bin by Jantex, with the option of three types of lids and a wheeled dolly, available ..
Ex Tax: €72.59
Rubber squeegee blade for use with L479 handle. Ideal for use on tiled floors..
Ex Tax: €25.40
Lid support positions between frame and water pan allowing the lid to rest behind the long side...
Ex Tax: €7.85
A multi purpose product that disinfects, deodorises and degreases in one. Suitable for use on most h..
Ex Tax: €40.65
An active concentrated detergent designed for hand washing and high volume dishwashing in sinks. Can..
Ex Tax: €32.52
A concentrated highly viscous formulation allows greater contact time with vertical surfaces. Powerf..
Ex Tax: €29.27
For use with Reload No 10..
Ex Tax: €81.30
For use with Reload No.2 or 5..
Ex Tax: €81.30