Squeegees and Scrapers

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Jantex Plunger With Wooden Handle

High-suction plunger with wooden handle and flexible rubber cup...

€11.89 Ex Tax: €9.67

Jantex Squeegee Handle

Squeegee handle made from anodized aluminium...

€16.36 Ex Tax: €13.30

Jantex Stainless Steel Window Wiper 14in

Ergonomic comfort-grip handle reduces strain during continued use...

€8.92 Ex Tax: €7.25

Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

Ideal for cleaning tiled surfaces, fogged mirrors and shower doors as well as windows. Suitable for ..

€22.31 Ex Tax: €18.14

SYR Floor Scraper

Floor scraper complete with blade...

€17.85 Ex Tax: €14.51

SYR Spare Scraper Blades

Spare blades for window cleaning scraper GG974...

€55.05 Ex Tax: €44.76

SYR Window Cleaning Extension Pole

Extension pole for reaching high windows without a ladder...

€49.10 Ex Tax: €39.92

SYR Window Cleaning Scraper

A unit to removed dried paint and dirt from windows. Spare blades available separately...

€4.45 Ex Tax: €3.62