Sweeper Mops

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Sweeper Replacement Sleeves

Replacement Sleeves (Pair)..

€44.64 Ex Tax: €36.29

SYR Rapid Microfibre Flat Mop

A bucketless mopping system with microfibre mop heads. 480ml reservoir is found in the handle, while..

€104.17 Ex Tax: €84.69

SYR Spare Microfibre Pads

Spare pads/ mop heads for the SYR bucketless mopping system. Suitable for the dishwasher...

€74.40 Ex Tax: €60.49

V-Sweeper Floor Sweeper

Long life syntex fibre adjustable head offers excellent floor coverage from 450mm to 1.6m...

€127.98 Ex Tax: €104.05