Reload Super Concentrates

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Reload No. 10 – Washing Up Liquid Concentrate

Super concentrated hand dishwash liquid for manual washing of pots, crockery and utensils. Effective..

€55.01 Ex Tax: €44.72

Reload No.1 – Sanitiser / Degreaser Concentrate

A highly concentrated and effective cleaning & sanitising product. Suitable for use on all hard surf..

€75.01 Ex Tax: €60.98

Reload No.2 – Floor Degreaser Concentrate

Specifically formulated to ensure fast and efficient cleaning of heavy grease deposits generally fou..

€70.00 Ex Tax: €56.91

Reload No.5 – All Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner

Highly fragranced multi-purpose detergent that degreases, disinfects and deodorises in one. For use ..

€65.01 Ex Tax: €52.85

Reload No.6 – Glass & Stainless Steel

Effective glass cleaner that cuts through grease and grime. Ideal for cleaning and polishing stainle..

€65.01 Ex Tax: €52.85

Reload No.8 – Air Freshener Concentrate

Leaves rooms smelling clean and fresh with a light citrus fragrance. Neutralises body odours and sta..

€70.00 Ex Tax: €56.91

Reload No.9 – Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate

Highly fragranced cleaner for washroom areas. Suitable for use on sinks, showers, baths, toilets and..

€70.00 Ex Tax: €56.91